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Mold inhabits all kinds of homes and commercial properties. You may not know of its existence because it hides under the surfaces, but that does not mean you should ignore them. Whether your property looks mold-free or not, you should find a mold inspector if you suspect mold is there.

Mold produces spores to reproduce and spread. These are powdery substances that significantly lower air quality in your home. They can also trigger allergies, eye irritation, skin rash, lung irritation, headache, sneezing, etc. But that is not all! A mold-infested property has a reduced value.

Who needs mold testing and when?

Who is at risk of mold side effects? Infants, the elderly, and people with pre-existing medical conditions are at risk of severe reactions to mold. Healthy individuals are not safe either. These people can be your family members or employees at the office.

Mold that grows on walls, floors, carpets, appliances, or furniture produces microscopic and lightweight spores that remain suspended in the air. Anyone who is exposed to mold may experience side effects.

Everyone is at risk. If you or one of your family members recently experienced unexplained health conditions, be sure to check in with your doctor, and consider calling a mold specialist to look at your property.

Why is professional mold testing a must?

Mold reproduces microscopic spores that remain suspended in the air. You will not notice their presence in your home or office until it is too late, and that is why you need mold testing services.

The first objective of home and office mold testing is to identify the type of mold on your property so it can be compared to the strains of mold that occur naturally in the area. If there is a mold strain in a larger proportion in your property than in the immediate area, mold infestation is a problem.

You need mold testing services to determine the extent of mold infestation. The only way to know whether you need home or office mold removal is by inspecting and testing for molds. Find mold testing near me services to ensure your property is mold-free.

How Mold Testing is Done

Mold testing is a systematic process. It aims to identify the mold type and quantity so our experts can recommend the actions to take.

A mold specialist will do the following:

  • Mold Sample Collections: A mold specialist uses professional equipment such as pumps, cassettes, and mold tapes to take samples from the air and surfaces.
  • Mold Sample Analysis: The collected samples are analyzed in the lab to identify the mold type that infested your home or office.
  • Recommendation: This is the last stage where the mold specialist offers a remediation protocol based on the lab results. You will get a mold remediation protocol and outlined steps to carry out the procedure.

Mold Testing Services

Mold testing requires special tools and laboratory equipment that you may not have at home or office. Besides, buying them will be uneconomical compared to the cost of mold testing services.

For professional home and office mold testing, call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Columbia. We have mold specialists and appropriate mold testing tools and equipment for the job. Our staff is experienced and will identify any mold on your property and offer a reliable remediation protocol to eradicate mold.

We offer a fast turnaround time (within a week with a rush service available) and most accurate mold testing results. Contact us for cost-effective mold testing services offered by our professional team!

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