Why Can't Mold Just Be Painted Over?

Mold is a fungus that can grow in any part of your home where there is moisture. Even though mildew is present in the natural atmosphere, its presence in your home is risky. Mildew harms you and your home in several ways. The worst part, once it starts spreading in any part of your home, every place is at risk of contamination. Thus, you must avail of our professional mold services in time. With the help of experts and trained technicians, one can get rid of mold. However, you will need to opt for timely mold inspection and testing followed by mold remediation.

Mold Growth in House Process

Any moist place facilitates mold growth, and our homes have several such spots. Your bathrooms, attics, basements, and kitchens are at massive risk. So getting these areas tested in time is necessary. Usually, mold growth starts in the form of tiny invisible spores. With time, these spores multiply and start settling on various surfaces. Soon, you will spot greenish or blackish patches.

If a homeowner doesn't detect and treat the issue, it damages your home's structure. In such situations, you must opt for mold inspection and testing from Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Columbia. Our specialists will control the situation so future mold growth will be inhibited. Being inexperienced, you might miss out on contaminated spots, but these certified experts don't.

Why Can't Mold Be Painted Over?

Some homeowners believe painting is an ideal solution for mildew, but it isn't. Paints being porous do not affect mold. So mold will continue to multiply underneath the paint layer. Paint will cover ugly mold patches but will not provide permanent relief. Furthermore, as mold grows, it will cause the paint to peel off.

Painting over mold is not recommended by any specialist due to these reasons. You might think it saves you money, but there are no positive outcomes.

Mold needs treatment, not just to be hidden away. The best solution is to seek out mold testing and remediation services.

Health Risks of Painted-over Mold

As told earlier, paint has zero effect on mold. It might fix ugly patches, but a new coat of paint won't have any other benefit apart from aesthetic appeal. So after mold inspection and testing, always go for mold services. A mold-treating firm will provide the best measures for permanent mold treatment. If you choose to paint over mold, you can experience different issues, like:

  • Respiratory and breathing issues
  • Irritation in eyes and skin
  • Coughing
  • Triggered allergic reactions

Instead of painting infected surfaces, ask a mold inspection and testing team for guidance. These experts will perform mold testing and see the intensity of contamination. Only then do they suggest an accurate solution.

Mold experts like the ones at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Columbia are able to recommend an approach that will solve the mold problem, not just push it to the side. That is why every homeowner should always opt for professionals.

What are the Signs a Person Painted on a Moldy Wall?

Painting over mold won't lessen your troubles. It just adds to all the existing issues. If you ever feel an individual painted over moldy walls, check for the following signs.

  • Cracked or chipped paint
  • Musty odor
  • Water damage on walls or ceiling
  • Dark spots on walls
  • Faded white paint

All these signs confirm the presence of mold behind a newly painted wall. When buying any property, noticing these signs could save you from purchasing a contaminated home.

Who Can You Call When Mold is Still There?

No matter how minor or significant the mold situation in your home might be, calling for professional help is the only option. If you delay matters, things get worse. The contamination could spread and affect every inch of your home. Furthermore, extended exposure to mold could harm your health. So if you reside in Columbia, MD, give us a call from our specialists. These certified technicians have years of training in the field and are certified and licensed.

From mold inspection and testing to mold remediation, you can avail of any service at any hour of the day. Our team uses modern methods and superior chemicals for your mold problems.



  • Is mold toxic?
  • Mold is extremely toxic. Ask for a mold inspection and testing team upon spotting any.

  • If you paint over mold, will it come back?
  • Painting over mold is ineffective, so never opt for such options. Always go with proper remediation methods.

  • Can you live in a house with mold?
  • Living in a moldy home is harmful to you and your family. Exposure to mold can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. So avoid staying in a contaminated place.

  • What happens if you paint over black mold?
  • Black mold will continue to spread under a new coat of paint. Soon the contamination will cause the paint to peel off, exposing black patches.


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